Madera Kindergarten 2019

Hello Prospective Madera Parents!

To join the Madera PTA Kindergarten Newsletter for the 2019-2020 class, please fill in the fields below. Note that this list is used only to provide helpful information about Kindergarten and Madera in general, as well as keep you up-to-date on events such as the Spring Incoming Kindergartener playdate and summertime meet-ups. Your information will not be shared for any commercial purpose, and you may unsubscribe at anytime using the links provided at the bottom of each newsletter.

In addition to the Kindergarten information list, you are encouraged to join the general Madera ME-Tree at The ME-Tree is used during the school year to send out the weekly Madera Monday Message.

The PTA is a parent-run volunteer organization. We have no knowledge or information about WCCUSD enrollment status or school placements; our invitation to sign up for the newsletter does not constitute confirmation of placement of your child at Madera for the fall.
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